Reply To: My line manager isn’t focused on my career progression


My line manager isn’t focused on my career progression

Feel empowered to own your personal progression – it’s so often assumed this is the responsibility of a manager however each individual does have the power to to drive their progression. Managers should have your progression at the top of their priority list however all too often, their focus is on pressures from above or other areas of the business. I would support your manager and work with them to collaboratively drive your progression. Book in regular 1-2-1’s with them, say half an hour every 2 weeks where you can track your progression together. In the first meeting be very honest about where you want to get to and your ideal time frame. You can then collaboratively create objectives with your manager to achieve that. On your regular 1-2-1’s you can discuss progression against those objectives and gain feedback. Never be shy to drive your own development – you’ve got this!!

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