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Corporate Kindness
Corporate Kindness

We have launched our Corporate Kindness initiative with the aim of bringing together companies with shared values, a commitment to adopt a positive culture and to lead with kindness.

We’re proud to partner with the companies below who are committed to making their working environments inclusive, diverse and safe places to be.

Our members

Proud to be associated with...
  • mastercard

  • KVA

  • Oliver Bonas

    Oliver Bonas
  • The Berkeley

    The Berkeley
  • Haven

  • Butlin's

  • OSD Healthcare

    OSD Healthcare
  • Sweet Potato Spirit Co

    Sweet Potato Spirit Co
  • Bob Burg

    Burg Enterprises
  • Acetium

  • Essentially Medical

    Essentially Medical
  • Fingerpost

  • BaseRock IT Solutions
  • RecruitmentRevolution
  • Luna Rose Events & Weddings
  • Investors in people
  • Thinking Hat

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We would love to hear from companies who are proud to support our Corporate Kindness initiative. Registration is free, gives you use of the Corporate Kindness logo and positive PR. As we build our online platform, we will share your stories and promote your positive news and success.

Corporate Kindness Values

Lead with Kindness

Value everyone

Give back

We're proud to support companies who:
  • believe in empowering people to lead with kindness and compassion
  • recognise that investing in people will always add more value; both to the business and to the individual
  • value the power of knowledge and embrace consistent learning and improvement
  • believe in supporting people to achieve their full potential
  • commit to treating people as you would want to be treated yourself
  • are respectful to colleagues, suppliers and contractors
  • want to give back; to their communities, employees and make a positive impact on the world
Kindness empowers people to lead with positivity and purpose

Society still aligns kindness to weakness. This is something we want to change. We have seen that kind leadership shows an open-mindedness that embraces innovation and drives change.

In today’s world, we know that the most successful companies are those that value their employees, their customers and serve a need. When those needs change, having a leader who inspires teams to reach their full potential is where you will rise to success.

Value everyone
Great ideas happen when you spend time with positive people

The best ideas don’t always come from expected places. Sometimes taking the time to listen to new employees or those with different backgrounds, allows us to think differently.

Everybody has their value.

Give back
How will you serve the world?

We believe that what companies give back is a core part of their commercial achievements. We have seen through recently worldly events, companies partnering and joining forces for the greater good.

Whether it’s volunteering within local communities, raising money for charities or giving back to your employees who have helped build the strength of your business today, there are lots of ways we can add value to others.

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