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Confidence at work

Hello! This is a great question and i’m sure a lot of people have experienced this too. One of the biggest things is being honest and talking about your previous experience. If you can have that kind of conversation with your current manager, they should be able to then support you in building that confidence and trust back up – you never know, they may have experienced the same themselves, or managed someone in a similar boat. They can also support you fully with your progression if they have the full picture. If not, perhaps speak with a colleague at work, who may be able to support you. Talking to your HR department is also a great shout and would be confidential, they could point you towards any internal or external training or resources that may help you.
Final thought is to surround yourself with positive people, it’s amazing how others energy rubs off on you – and always remember that you are enough just as you are 🙂

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