Reply To: Supporting Vulnerable Colleagues Post-Covid


Supporting Vulnerable Colleagues Post-Covid

Hello, this is definitely something a lot of teams are feeling post pandemic. As a colleague I would focus on the positives and support your colleagues with talking over their worries. Hopefully your employer has put into place measures to help ease the team into the new normal, such as flexible working, and support with healthcare/counselling? Listening to positive podcasts, following useful and factual social media accounts and focusing on what makes them happy, are small steps we can all take.
We also offer a workshop on ‘Embracing change and gaining control’ after the pandemic, which could be something to recommend to your employer, check out the Workshops page on our website. This workshop is designed to empower employees to embrace change, and channel their experiences into positive outcomes, working with our experienced counsellor Lucy who is amazing. There is also a follow up session included to see how everyone is getting on after the training, and identify any further support required.
I hope that helps and look forward to seeing what others recommend too 🙂

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