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Annette Yates

How to prioritise

For general prioritisation, I’ve never found anything better than Stephen Covey’s Time Management Matrix. Have a Google – there are plenty of sources, but here’s one article you might find useful.

The aim is to work mostly on things that are important, before they become urgent (quadrant 2).

Overall, I’ve found that the best way of determining importance of tasks is to ask myself “What will happen if I do this?” followed by “What will happen if I DON’T do this?”. The answer to the second question is often more telling!

Prioritising tasks relies on having your objectives prioritised, too. So if, for example, you need to generate income over the short term, you’ll probably choose different activities to those for building a long-term sustainable business.

I hope that helps a little – I’m sure others will add more and better answers! 🙂

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